We have a massive database which we enhance with each day and each new project.

Our specialists have developed a set of sophisticated devices and an accompanying software system to collect, analyze and present survey information.





We offer non-contact magnetometric inspection of pipelines and tanks using a non-contact magnetometric scanner (NMS).

The technique and physical principles applied in the NMS series of devices allows for efficient usage of the scanners not only at existing pipelines, but also during the construction, evaluation and commissioning of new pipeline facilities. Monitoring and identifying stressed sections of pipelines at the construction and testing stage makes it possible to identify promptly any defects that can lead to failures and large-scale accidents during operation, which in turn allows us to bring the construction quality and safety of pipelines to a fundamentally new level.

Traditional methods of underwater pipeline inspection (sonar and visual) do not allow evaluation of the technical state of pipelines.

For the instrumental detection of flaws on subsea pipelines TIC specialists have developed the waterproof NMS series of devices, which can be used in both deep and shallow water.  

NMS allows for the real time detection of anomalies of subsea pipelines caused by various flaws, including stress, tension and corrosion.

Subcontact inspection is used for the precise location of pipeline damage at open parts of the pipeline, or tanks, or any other steel pressurised constructions.

We also use the subcontact method as part of complex services of pipeline diagnostics and as AFDT (Additional Flaw Detecting Tests) if required.

Surveying using NMS-Surface does not require removal of the insulating coating, insulating materials, protective and anticorrosive materials from the surface of the object to be inspected, at a coating thickness of up to 150mm.

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