NMS-Subsea and NMS-dive are systems, invented by TIC specialists, for detecting subsea pipelines defects without physically contacting the pipeline. This non-contact technique enables a system to accurately conduct a pipeline inspection without the need for any preparation of the pipeline or the need of pig launchers or receivers. Additionally, the inspection can be executed in a relatively shorter time and at a lower cost.

NMS-Subsea is designed to be mounted on an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) for non-contact inspection of the oil, gas and water pipelines at the depth up to 300 m.

NMS-Dive was developed as a diver-operated device for the inspection of  shallow water pipelines up to 40 m depth.

NMS-Subsea-Surface is a system for sub-contact (without insulation removal) location of stress concentrators, related to flaws, designed for inspection of pipelines in pits and tank walls.

We can mount our NMS on almost any ROV for subsea pipelines inspection. The data is collected in real time, so no "empty diving" will happen. The scanning speed is limited by an ROV moving only. 

The sophisticated software allows express-analysis of the data. 


TIC specialists have developed diver-operated trace-locator to identify a pipeline in case of buried shallow water pipes. 

NMS-dive is also operated by a diver. Registration and recording of the magnetic field values on the pipeline is done automatically into the flash-memory of the device, while the operator moves along the axis of the pipeline.

NMS-Subsea1 /


are systems for non-contact magnetometric inspection of subsea pipelines at the depth of 300-2000 m

(to be mounted on ROV)


Technical specification:


Weight, kg: 4.5 / 11.4

The operator's speed, km/h: up to 30

Connecting the IBM PC: through the RS-232 interface

Power supply: from an ROV power system

Scanning step, m: from 0.01

Mobile devices 

Professional analysis

Evaluation of the residual life 

of pipelines and tanks

In our work we cooperate with russian and foreign companies which are interested in joining of our technologies or just want to hire a high standard inspection of shallow and deep waters pipelines

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