• NMS-Surface doesn't require removal of the insulating coating, thermal insulating, protective and anticorrosive materials (up to 15 cm);

  • Stopping or changing the operating mode is not required;

  • Accurate localization of defects;

  • Any diameter over 3”;

  • High speed - up to 100-200 m2 a day per 1 crew;

  • Absolutely passive technology;

  • The temperature of a product has no effect on the scanning.


for sub-contact (without insulation removal) location of stress concentrators, connected with flaws, designed for inspection of pipelines in pits and tank walls.

Technical specification:

Overall dimensions, mm: 600х120х50

Weight, kg: 2.0

Operating temperature range: from -35оС to + 50оС

Connecting the IBM PC: through the RS-232 interface

Depth  of detectable defects

starting from 5 to 100 % of pipe wall thickness

The speed of the NCM inspection is up to 20 km/h.

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