is a mobile system for underground pipelines inspection

(from the distance up to 10 times diameter of the inspected pipe)

Technical Specification:

Overall dimensions, mm: 600х120х50

Weight, kg: 2.0

Operating temperature range: from -35оС to + 50оС

Connecting the IBM PC: through the RS-232 interface

Depth  of detectable defects

starting from 5 to 100 % of pipe wall thickness

The speed of the NCM inspection is up to 20 km/h.

TIC specialists have developed a magnetometric inspection system for the non-contact scanning of steel on-shore and offshore pipelines.

Non-contact Magnetometric Scanners (NMS) are intended for non-contact magnetometric diagnostics of water, gas and other media pipelines. The survey is performed using the tools on thin-film magnetoresistive transducers. This technology provides high sensitivity and selectivity of the diagnostics.

NMS-technology has significant advantages over traditional contact methods of inspection as it doesn't require any preparation of a pipeline or a changing of the operation mode. The inspection is carried out from the surface at a distance up to 10 times diameter of the inspected pipe, that is extremely actual for non-piggable sections of pipelines. 

Safe solution, saving time, money and labor! 

During many years of implementing services we were happy to work with many international companies, we have inspected over 10 500 km of various pipelines for such companies as «Lukoil - West Siberia» (Russia), «KazMunayGaz» (Kazakhstan), Dragon Oil (UAE) in Turkmenistan, «Saudi Aramco», Saudi Arabia «CNPC», «Sinopec» (China), Sonatrach (Algeria), Conoco Phillips (Indonesia), Shell Petroleum Development Company (Nigeria) and others.

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